Pelican Brewing Company and Kiwanda Hospitality Group – 已额满

分发类型: Skype 视讯雇主面谈会 – 2月12日, 2019


Housekeeping – $12.00 per hour
Culinary (cooks) – $13.00 per hour






【奥瑞冈州 OR】


【工作报到日:最晚7月1日】 – 【工作结束日:9月15日】


* 住宿费$70/每人/每周



Culinary: Use knife skills to cut vegetables, fruits, meats and cheeses to specifications. Use math skills and ability to accurately read English to follow recipes in making desserts, dressings, soups, and sauces. Work quickly and speak proficient English to cook burgers, pastas, pizzas, and other dishes on our menu as specified by guests. Must speak and read fluent English to communicate with front of house employees, peers, and guests in a fast-paced environment. Must follow safety policies and ensure others do so as well.

Housekeeping: Use organizational skills and attention to detail to clean hotel rooms, condos, and      homes. Frequently lift and carry 25 pounds while vacuuming, pushing supply cart, and lifting mattress to remove sheets and then make the beds according to 5 star accommodations policies and procedures. Deeply clean bathrooms and kitchens to include floors, sinks, toilets, and showers. Must speak and read English to communicate with teammates as well as read checklists and safety policies. Must follow safety policies and ensure others do so as well.





● 美国西北部奥瑞冈州当地人引以为傲的太平洋海岸线 wonders of Oregon – Pacific Coast – 此旅馆餐厅酒庄集团即座落在景观优美的海滨 – Pacific City

● 集团辖下有: 啤酒场酒吧 – Pelican Brewing Company  两家特色旅馆包括餐厅咖啡厅及Spa – Headlands Lodge and Spa 和 Inn at Cape Kiwanda